Wheel accessories

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Wheel accessories

All the small parts and accessories to keep you rolling on the road and on the trail.

    High closure efficiency quick releases
    25,00 €*
      Specific pads for efficient braking on any Mavic carbon rims
      20,00 €*
        Specific pads for efficient braking on any Exalith rims
        20,00 €*
          Wheelbag to carry and protect any wheel
          30,00 €*
            Adapters to change the front wheel compatibility
            15,00 €*
              Adapters to change the rear wheel compatibility
              15,00 €*
                Specific freehub body for all wheels (except FTS-X) to be compatible with Sram XD Drivetrains. Choose either XD Freehub Body ITS-4 (Crossmax, Deemax) or TS-2 (Crossride…) depending on your wheels and hub system.
                80,00 €*
                  UST dismountable valve to match with UST rim profile
                  10,00 €*
                    Cosmic Pro Carbon rim stickers to customize all Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels
                    40,00 €*
                      Cleans Ceramic and UB Control brake tracks to enhance braking performance
                      18,00 €*
                      * recommended retail price

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                      1. Mavic Road Wheel-Tyre System are made to support the rigor of racing and training on paved surface. They offer the best blend of ligtweight, stiffness, efficiency and aerodynamics with no bargain on durability and reliability.
                      2. Building a wheel using a Mavic rim equals entry to a world of high performance and reliability. Our wide selection of rim profiles allows for customized build-ups for paved or dirt roads.
                      3. Years of specific MTB development enable Mavic to offer a complete range of wheelsets with an incredible balance of high performance and reliability. Using unique technologies, Mavic has a wheelset for every mountain bike enthusiast, from lightweight Cross-country winners, to versatile and aggresive enduro or downhill riders.
                      4. Almost 100 years of rim manufacturing experience lead Mavic to offer a complete range of Mountain Bike specific rims. There is a rim for every type of riding. Mavic's range also features the only UST stand alone rim on the market.