Flat Carbon Spoke Magnet

Flat Carbon Spoke Magnet

Computer magnet especially designed for flat carbon spokes

Wheel accessories: Flat Carbon Spoke Magnet

A magnet compatible with any bike computer specifically designed to efficiently fit Mavic's flat carbon R2R spokes (Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, SLR and SR).

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  • 7,00 €*
The first reliable carbon clincher wheel

Product protection program
for $1 on carbon wheels

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    2 900,00 €*
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    1 490,00 €*
  • Cosmic Carbone 40 C

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    1 990,00 €*
  • Cosmic Carbone 40 T

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    2 100,00 €*
  • Cosmic CXR 80 T

    The 1st Wheel-Tyre System that flows as a single unit for time trial, triathlon and flat races
    2 490,00 €*


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