I am looking for wheels for a practice in particular

  1. Mavic track wheels are the most advanced in the category. Stiffness, aerodynamics, weight... They have all the needed criteria to win gold in every discipline of the sport.
  2. Mavic Road Wheel-Tyre System are made to support the rigor of racing and training on paved surface. They offer the best blend of ligtweight, stiffness, efficiency and aerodynamics with no bargain on durability and reliability.
  3. MTB

    Years of specific MTB development enable Mavic to offer a complete range of wheelsets with an incredible balance of high performance and reliability. Using unique technologies, Mavic has a wheelset for every mountain bike enthusiast, from lightweight Cross-country winners, to versatile and aggresive enduro or downhill riders.

I am looking for features in particular

  1. When aerodynamic efficiency makes the difference, Mavic Hyperaero Wheel-Tyre Systems bring you to the front. Our Hyperaero WTS line features the most advanced technologies and perfectly integrates the wheel and tyre to deliver the lowest drag ever. Amazing World Tour race results are our best proof.
  2. When a racer is looking for complete versatility, Mavic Fast & Light Wheel-Tyre system line is the perfect answer. Our Fast & Light WTS feature the best blend of lightweight, high stiffness and great aerodyanmics to deliver the highest possible efficiency.
  3. Endurance riders need proven reliability and toughness. But they also need speed, so high performance must be part of the equation. Mavic Performance & Comfort Wheel-Tyre Systems continue to bring those benefits, always pushing the envelope further.
  4. Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the Cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. Those fast and light products are all about responsiveness and efficiency thanks to the most advanced Mavic technologies. The perfect combo for fun and performance on trails.
  5. A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. They offer the right mix of comfort, performance and reliability and can be relied on in any conditions.
  6. Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family. Those tough and dynamic products are made to last. Our testing is focused on strength and reliability, and the use of our key technologies makes the wheels efficient and pleasant to ride.

Road - I am looking for a rim profile in particular

  1. Low profiles offers the lightest rims. Less weight brings more efficient climbing and quicker accelerations. Ideal for mountain rides.
  2. Middle height rims are the most versatile ones, they can climb well and roll fast on flat road too. Efficient in all conditions.
  3. Higher profile gives the best aerodynamics for maximum performance and high speed and flatter rides.

MTB - I am looking for a wheel diameter in particular

  1. 26"

    For 26 inch bikes : those wheels are the lightest, easy to spin up and extremely dynamic
  2. For the 27.5 inch bikes : the best of both worlds, those wheels are light and fly over obstacles
  3. 29"

    For the 29 inch bikes : those wheels brings lots of stability and are the best to roll over any obstacles