I am looking for tyres for a practice in particular

  1. Mavic tyres are the perfect match to guarantee optimum performance from your Mavic wheels. Our tyres are light but strong and durable and offer the best blend of grip and low rolling resistance.
  2. MTB

    With it's unique Wheel-Tyre System approach, Mavic now offers MTB specific tyres for various terrains and riding styles. Developped and tested at Mavic like any other product to bring performance and fun to MTB enthusiasts.

I am looking for features in particular

  1. When aerodynamic efficiency makes the difference, Mavic Hyperaero tyres brings you to the front. Our Hyperaero tyre line features the most advanced technologies and perfectly integrates the wheel and tyre to deliver the lowest drag ever. Top World Tour and triathlon race results are our best proof.
  2. When a racer is looking for perfect versatility, Mavic Fast & Light tyre line is the perfect answer. Our Fast & Light tyres feature the best blend of lightweight, low rolling resistance and high grip to deliver the highest possible efficiency.
  3. When a racer is looking for perfect versatility and durability, the Mavic Endurance tyre line is the perfect answer. Our tyres offers high grip, lasts long and brings that extra bit of comfort.
  4. Made for the rigors of cross-country racing and fast trail riding, Mavic fast and light mountain bike tires rely on the best materials for optimal grip and light weight.
  5. Explore the mountains, push your limits with complete trust in your equipment : that's the motto of the Tough & Dynamic family. Mavic Tough & Dynamic products are made to last. Our testing is focused on strength and reliability, and the use of our key technologies make these wheels efficient and pleasant to ride. Ultimate versatility.