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XC rims

Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the Cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. Cross-country products are all about lightweight, responsiveness and efficiency thanks to the most advanced Mavic technologies. The perfect combo for fun and performance on trails.

    The high performance fast and light rim
    75,00 €*
      The simple and efficient fast and light rim
      60,00 €*
        The best value fast and light rim
        40,00 €*

        Trail rims

        A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. They offer the right mix of comfort, performance and reliability and can be relied on in any conditions.

          The high performance agile and versatile rim
          40,00 €*
            The tubetype rim for a high end hand built wheels. In 26'' only.
            55,00 €*
              The simple and efficientagile and versatile rim
              60,00 €*
                The no brainer agile and versatile rim
                40,00 €*
                  The best value for money on the market
                  28,00 €*
                    An outstanding value for All-mountain rim-brake bikes. In 26'' only.
                    23,00 €*
                      The high performance tough and dynamic rim
                      75,00 €*
                        The simple and efficient tough and dynamic rim
                        60,00 €*
                          The no brainer tough and dynamic rim
                          40,00 €*

                          All-mountain rims

                          Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the Tough & Dynamic family. Mavic All-mountain products are made to last. Our testing is focused on strength and reliability, and the use of our key technologies makes the wheels efficient and pleasant to ride.

                            The high performance rim for extreme riding
                            75,00 €*
                              The simple and efficient rim for extreme riding
                              60,00 €*
                              * recommended retail price

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                              2. With it's unique Wheel-Tyre System approach, Mavic now offers MTB specific tyres for various terrains and riding styles. Developped and tested at Mavic like any other product to bring performance and fun to MTB enthusiasts.
                              3. All the small parts and accessories to keep you rolling on the road and on the trail.

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