Crossmax SL Ti

Crossmax SL Ti

The lightest and fastest thanks to top class materials

Mountain bike pedal: Crossmax SL Ti

Compact design, single spring conception, the SL is all about lightweight for Cross-country and All-mountain riding. The ATAC concept offers perfect respect of the rider's biomechanics. With its carbon body and titanium axle, the Crossmax SL Carbon Ti is the lightest and fastest.
Weight : 240 grams

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  • 285,00 €*
The first ever enduro specific Wheel-Tyre System

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Key benefits

Fast & Light construction

Hollow titanium axle, carbon body

Single spring construction

Compact body design with large power transfer contact area

Perfect functionality

Bio performance: ±2.5 mm lateral and ±5° angular float

ATAC: engagement and release independent of spring tension, 13° or 17° release angles

Self Cleaning: patented design offers perfect mud evacuation for easy clip-in in all conditions

  1. Mavic Pedals offer an angular float of 10° (5° in each direction), but also go further by being the only pedal also offering a self lateral adjustment of the foot on the pedal (Q factor). Users can adjust the feel of float, from free to move to locked in.
  2. Foot retention and release are independent from spring tension (feel adjustment). So the the Pedals have a consistent reaction no matter the settings. The unique design of the Atac cleat offers choice between 13° and 17° release angles.
  3. Adjustment of the lateral and angular float feeling. Easy movement or more friction, the pedal will fit every riders preference.
  4. The specific pedal body design (patented) offers a greater engagement angle and easy mud evacuation.

Detailed features

Technical Features

Mechanism: ATAC

Spring: dual arch, single spring

Body material: carbon

Axle material: titanium, hollow, 12 mm

Bearing: sealed cartridge bearing

Shoe - Pedal interface

Q Factor: lateral freedom +/- 2.5 mm

Feel adjustment: 3 positions

Angular freedom: +/- 5°

Release angle: 13° or 17° depending on mount of cleats




Lateral and angular float

Self cleaning

Feel adjustment



MTB: compact platform

Range level: ultimate


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