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Cross-country footwear

Lightweight Cross-country shoes combine performance, comfort, protection, and grip on all kinds of trails.

Great comfort fit and energy transfer in a pure Cross-country race shoe
275,00 €*
    High end Cross-country race shoe
    200,00 €*
      Warm and dry on the coldest trails
      180,00 €*
        Fast, light and rugged Cross-country trail shoe
        150,00 €*
        Cross-country race ready shoe with great comfort and features
        130,00 €*
          Racing DNA, great fit and value
          95,00 €*
          Go fast on any trail
          130,00 €*

          All-mountain footwear

          All-mountain shoes combine comfort, protection and grip for short rides or long days.

            The mountain shoe for all types of weather condition
            180,00 €*
            The Enduro racing specific shoe, developed with Mavic pro riders (Jérôme Clementz and Fabien Barel)
            165,00 €*
              Extra protection lets you focus on the single track ahead
              130,00 €*
              Comfortable, durable trail shoe
              95,00 €*
                Great design in a comfortable go anywhere shoe
                85,00 €*
                Women's specific trail shoe offering reliable comfort and specific features
                95,00 €*
                * recommended retail price

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