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Road booties

Mavic road Booties with Clima Ride technology offer complete protection against the rain, wind and cold.

    Added warmth for toes on cooler days
    20,00 €*
    Light thermal protection and protection from road dirt
    15,00 €*
      Totally waterproof road shoe cover
      45,00 €*
        The warmest road shoe cover for all extreme weather conditions with an innovative easy on and off closure system
        80,00 €*
          Warm, fitted road shoe cover with easy access
          45,00 €*
            Dry, warm and visible in wet weather conditions
            35,00 €*
            The fastest and most durable aero shoe cover from Mavic
            25,00 €*

            MTB booties

            Mavic MTB Booties with clima Ride technology offer complete protection against the rain, wind and cold.

              The warmest and most robust Primaloft® Sport shoe cover for hardest terrains in MTB
              85,00 €*
                Warm, technical MTB shoe cover with great protection for the hardest terrains
                50,00 €*
                  The essential MTB shoe cover in neoprene with protection
                  37,00 €*
                  * recommended retail price

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                  3. The Mavic arm sleeves and leg warmers guarantee you complete protection and optimal performance in all weather conditions (Clima Ride).
                  4. Exclusive Ergo Ride technologies, with exceptional fit, guarantee Mavic gloves the maximum comfort for cycling. They're also suited for riding in all weather conditions, thanks to their Clima Ride protection against the wind, rain or cold.

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